Change Your Weight Loss Mindset

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Did you know what nearly 1 in 2 adults in the US will be considered obese by the year 20301? Obesity is highly associated with a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Why is weight loss so hard??? Part of the reason lies in our mindset toward weight loss.

How do you view weight loss? Is it something that you beat yourself up about? Does it make you cringe even thinking about it? If this is how you are feeling, you have to change your mindset!!

What should your mindset be? You should be working to fix your health, not your weight. Your weight is a symptom that the body uses to tell you that something is wrong. Weight is a result of something that is going wrong, it isn’t the source of the problem. The way weight is viewed in conventional medicine IS the problem. You go into the doc for your physical and they tell you to lose weight because that is making you unhealthy. If your body isn’t healthy, most of the time the body will be overweight! We have been looking at this all wrong for decades!

Excess weight is just a symptom that the body isn’t functioning properly.

The heart of the problem is chronic inflammation. What is inflammation? Inflammation is a reaction in the body where your body sends inflammatory chemicals to a site that needs to HEAL! The purpose of inflammation is to bring ALL the things necessary to repair the damage. Inflammation is a normal reaction that occurs in the body as it tries to fix a problem. We have a balance of both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory chemicals to balance out this process.

Here is the root of the problem that we have been ignoring - something in the body is creating chronic inflammation, which is NOT normal. The body is trying to heal, but it is being constantly exposed to a stressor. Chronic inflammation leads to a host of problems, including weight gain, heart disease, fatigue, joint pain, hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, and on and on!

Your mindset needs to change to one of healing, not just a focus on weight loss. You need to focus on the actions that create health, not just short-term results. When your body is healthy, you will be at a healthy weight.

This is why rapid weight loss using drugs like HCG or amphetamines doesn’t last! You are doing NOTHING to heal the body, you are just tricking it into the weight loss. The minute those drugs are gone, all that inflammation is still present and your weight comes right back.

As these factors stress the body, your hormones become out of balance while they try to keep you alive. Hormones matter in weight loss because they will impact weight loss resistance in the body. If your hormones are going crazy, dropping weight becomes even harder!

Hormones that contribute to fat gain

Cortisol - Cortisol is your stress hormone. Cortisol is a hormone that we need to help us respond to physical and mental stress. However, chronically high cortisol levels will mess with your blood sugar levels. Blood sugar imbalances will create even more inflammation! High cortisol will also disrupt your other hormones, including the sex hormones.

Insulin - Insulin is released from your pancreas when blood sugar levels rise. Insulin functions to move sugar from your blood into your cells for energy. Excess sugar is converted to FAT by the liver. If blood sugar is chronically high, eventually your cells will say “No Thanks!” to insulin - I don’t want to take in anymore sugar! Sugar remains high in the blood, this will create even more inflammation as your cells become insulin resistant.

Leptin - Leptin is your satiety hormone, meaning it helps regulate your hunger levels. Fat cells release leptin to decrease hunger levels. When we have an overabundance of fat cells, they release leptin in high amounts. Eventually, your cells become leptin resistant and stop responding to it. You constantly feel hungry because the leptin pathway is no longer working properly! In addition, leptin also functions as a cytokine - which promotes inflammation in the body2.

Thyroid hormones - Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, meaning it controls burning of calories. In cases where thyroid function becomes low or hypo-, weight gain is common because metabolic function becomes lower.

Factors that contribute to chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances and weight gain

ANYTHING that harms or stresses the body - foods containing chemicals (pesticides, additives, colorings), processed foods, refined sugars, inflammatory fats, environmental toxins, personal care products, mold, mental and emotional stress, etc.

You have to start looking at weight loss as a symptom you are fixing when you get your body HEALTHY! Health starts with decreasing the stressors that are being put on your body. Always start with nutrition - check out this blog post for more information on the three nutrition changes you need to make immediately!


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