Functional Medicine: Explained

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You and your neighbor are both diagnosed with high blood pressure. You both go to the doctor and what happens next? You are both put on high blood pressure medication.

My guess is that the majority of us answered this last question with absolute certainty. You and your neighbor are now taking medication.

Conventional medicine models only ask how we can cover up or change a symptom that we are experiencing. I have a headache, how can I get this to stop? This is where the functional medicine model differs. In functional medicine, we ask the question of WHY. WHY do you have high blood pressure? WHY do you have a headache?

Why does WHY matter? Are you exactly the same as your neighbor? Do you eat the same foods? Do you do the same exercises? Do you have the same genetics? Obviously not. So, why does conventional medicine treat you and your neighbor EXACTLY the same? You are an individual that is a sum of many factors including genetics and lifestyle choices. Your WHY is going to be different than your neighbor’s WHY.

Functional medicine focuses on getting to the root cause of the problem, instead of only addressing ways to cover up or mute your symptoms. Signs and symptoms from the body are messages that your body is sending you. When did it become common practice to shut them up instead of listening to figure out what is actually wrong?

Do not take my words as a knock against conventional medicine practitioners. The people that work in conventional medicine are wonderful and are working just as hard to fix their patients. Conventional medicine has brought us numerous strides in health. If you are in a car accident, you and I both need conventional medicine. Where conventional medicine has failed us is figuring out the WHY to chronic diseases.

Functional medicine succeeds at diving into the cause of chronic conditions, not just medicating symptoms.

How does functional medicine do this? Functional medicine treats the whole person, not just the parts. Functional medicine works to address the cause of chronic diseases and works along with the patient to get them to heal. Functional medicine then takes it one step further and works to make sure you are in a healing state 100% of the time. You and your neighbor are not the same, so you should not be treated exactly the same.

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