I’m doing all the “right” things, why do I feel blah?

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You wake up early and go to the gym. You eat “right” by avoiding processed foods, ALL the doughnuts, and greasy foods. You try to have a work-life balance where you work hard, but also focus on spending quality time with your family. You don’t overindulge in things that you know can wear your body down, like tobacco and excess alcohol.

So, why do you still feel like you don’t have any energy or you have that 10 pounds of weight that you just can’t lose? Maybe you have trouble falling asleep or wonder where your libido went. You end up blaming all of these symptoms on “I’m just getting older” and you have to continue to deal with feeling blah.

In the most simple of terms, you still feel blah because of your hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers in your body that control just about everything. So, if you messengers are off, you are going to feel off.

So, what messes with our hormones even though we are doing the “right” thing?

Nutritional deficiencies

Our cells and organs MUST have certain macronutrients and micronutrients to function properly, this includes productions of your hormones. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not only do we need to have healthy sources of these macronutrients, but the amount and ratio of each is just as important for your body to function.

Micronutrients include all of the vitamins and minerals that function to help all of the reactions in your body. For example, if you are lacking in vitamin D, your body is doing to have a really hard time regulating calcium levels.

The other underlying factor that will affect nutrition is inflammation within your body, especially in your gut. Regulation of inflammation helps the body respond and heal from injuries. However, if your body is constantly being exposed to something that is causing injuries, like food sensitivities, environmental toxins, infections, or even stress, you are going to tilt toward more and more inflammation.

There are two very important steps that need to be taken to address both macro- and micro- nutrient deficiencies and an inflammatory gut. First up, your diet may need to be modified to make sure you are getting properly sourced and balanced macronutrients. For many of my patients, this means a customized nutrition plan that guides them to better health. Second, micronutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities can easily be tested to see what you're missing and address what foods you need to avoid. Deficiencies can be addressed either by the addition of certain foods and/or addition of supplements. Oftentimes, minor changes make MAJOR changes in how you feel!

Toxicity or Hidden Infections

Did you know that for every American, we produce 30,000 pounds of chemicals each year in the US? We are exposed to toxic chemicals through our air, water, food, and through personal care and household products. We can also be exposed to chemicals from pathogens when we have a hidden infection. Lyme disease is a great example where someone can be infected, have bacteria producing toxins and not even know it!

Toxins can have a variety of harmful effects on the body by increasing inflammation and in turn, disrupting your normal hormone function. You can have the best nutrition and exercise regime possible, but if you are dealing with a hidden toxicity causing inflammation, you will NEVER feel your best. Using a functional medicine approach, we can assess your signs/symptoms along with your history to determine of toxicity exposure should be tested.

Chronic Stress

Usually when I say stress, my patients assume I am talking about mental or emotional stress. Yes, these play a big role in how your body functions! We all have some life stressors, they are impossible to avoid nor are we meant to avoid all stress. It’s all about how we DEAL with stress. Are you taking care of yourself while going through a stressful situation? Do you look for ways to eliminate stressors that negatively affect your body?

We can also have stress on our body from the other factors listed above - nutritional deficiencies and hidden toxicities that are causing inflammation. Not all stress is mental or emotional. Stressors can also be chemical and physical. For example, if you don’t have enough magnesium in your body and you can’t function, that is a stress!

So, we HAVE to address all of these factors to get you feeling happy, healthy and thriving again! In my clinic, I use a functional medicine approach to address these underlying causes as to why your body isn’t function at its 100%. The answer never is covering up symptoms with medication! So, if you feel like you are doing all of the “right” things, but still aren’t feeling your best - sign up for a consultation today.

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