Top 8 Things to Address for Infertility

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Struggling with infertility is a heart-breaking process for many women. From a biology perspective, the body isn’t able to either get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. There are numerous hormones that are involved in regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle, ovulation, and pregnancy itself. Hormonal responses are also important in men for healthy sperm production.

Let’s take a look at what women can do to support their fertility:

Lower Insulin Resistance

For healthy hormone responses, the body needs to respond to sugar properly. Two lab tests to look at your sugar handling are A1C and fasting insulin levels. These two together will give you a good idea if you are insulin resistant and studies show that there is a high correlation between infertility and insulin resistance.

A1C levels will tell you how much damage you have done in the past to your blood sugar levels and therefore the response that your body is producing now. Fasting insulin levels will show how well your body is doing with or without sugar. Fasting insulin is a strong indicator of insulin resistance, meaning your cells aren’t responding to insulin well. You need insulin and your cells to respond properly to regulate blood sugar levels.

Proper Nutrients

Your body must have proper nutrients to sustain life, both yours and baby. Don’t confuse calories with nutrients, they are very different things. Yes, you may be getting enough calories, but you need to make sure you are getting the correct nutrients. Many people have an overabundance of food, but are still malnourished.

So, how do you know if you are malnourished for certain nutrients? Get a micronutrient test done and that will tell you what your body is missing. I suggest working with a functional medicine doctor to get the correct test and to make sure it is interpreted correctly.

Gut Health

Your gut is often referred to as your second brain! The gut is so important in helping support all organ systems, including the reproductive system. One major issue that I see in patients is leaky-gut syndrome.

Your digestive tract is lined with cells that are packed against one another so that the lining can protect what particles have access to the bloodstream. An unhealthy gut leads to a breakdown in the connections between these cells. So, what happens? Undigested foods, parasites, bacteria, and toxins end up in the bloodstream because the gut lining isn’t as protective as it should be!

These particles can travel to your joints and other organ systems creating an immune response that causes inflammation. So, your immune system ends up busy fighting the food/parasites/toxins and not focusing on making a baby. Work with a functional medicine doctor to test for leaky-gut syndrome and for immune responses to food.


We all know exercise is good for the body, but why for fertility? Exercise will help balance your hormones, decrease stress levels, and purify your body of toxins through the lymphatic system. One important thing to keep in mind: exercise doesn’t mean go all out crazy intense! You just need to increase your oxygen uptake and move your body. So, do something that you enjoy and there is no reason to overdo it! Over exercising will cause more stress on the body.

Controlling Cortisol

Cortisol is your stress hormone that your body needs to survive. Our problem today is that we are over-stressed, so we end up with too much cortisol. The goal here is to keep cortisol levels in a healthy range. If cortisol is kept in high ranges, your body can end up with adrenal fatigue where you may feel: fatigue, very emotional, craving salt, weight gain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, and getting sick often.

Testing your cortisol can be a good indicator to see how much stress your body is under. Ways to decrease stress include exercise, meditation, practicing gratitude, and maintaining a healthy diet.


Sleep is when you heal! Your hormones will balance during sleep and your body hits its reset button. If you aren’t hitting the reset button, you aren’t going to be fully healed every single day. So, if you are rundown, your body can’t focus on making a baby.


We are exposed to numerous chemicals throughout our lives, which includes toxins in foods, laundry detergent, cosmetics, shampoo/conditioner, air, water supply - essentially anything that we touch, breath or eat. I know that seems daunting, but if you have addressed everything else and you are still struggling - toxins is the next place to look. I would suggest getting tested for toxin exposure with a functional medicine doctor, so you can determine if it is a heavy metal, mold, etc.

Neurology or Chiropractic Care

Your brain controls your entire body and sends a message down your spinal cord over your nerves to every organ, tissue, and cell. We have to make sure that this message from the brain is getting to the reproductive organs! So, work with a good chiropractor that can help make sure the nerves are able to get their messages out.

Remember, your body knows what to do. We need to make sure that it has everything it needs and isn’t under some kind of stress. This is true for fertility and all health. If you are interested in having a consultation with me, complete the consultation form below.

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